How to create your video storyboard and why it is so important

How to create your video storyboardRegardless of whether you’re watching adverts, films, TV shows or corporate videos, all of them will have had some serious forethought and planning, way before the first “Camera! Lights! Action!” was even uttered.

The above genres may have different purposes, scripts and audiences behind them, but there’s one thing they will have in common – a storyboard or written creative treatment.

So, ...

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How to commission a scriptwriter – what does it involve and what should I expect?

The script is the foundation of your corporate video and the main way your message will be conveyed. So making sure the video production company you use commissions a scriptwriter who will bring your message to life should be of highest priority.
Commissioning a professional Scriptwriter
Here at Take One Productions, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide about commissioning a scriptwriter and the scriptwriting process itself.

Why is the ...

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Refer a friend and be rewarded with a £50 gift card!

gift-cardRefer a friend and be rewarded with a £50 John Lewis gift card for both of you!

At Take One Productions, we really appreciate it when clients recommend us. To recognise your help in spreading the word about what we do, we’d like to give a John Lewis £50 gift card to you and anyone you recommend us to as a way of saying thank you.

Simply let us know the name and ...

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How to write a video production brief

Tips to ensure your video turns out exactly like you want

Writing a production brief

With the explosion of YouTube in the last decade, video marketing has become more and more effective for large and small companies worldwide… And now you’ve had that Eureka moment, that thunder bolt of inspiration, the idea that was so good, it woke you up from a deep slumber in the middle of the ...

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How to come across as a natural on camera

10 tips for presenting to camera

Presenting to cameraHas someone asked you to be interviewed in front of a camera but you haven’t done it before? Do you want to present your company video, but you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing?

The following tips will help you to present yourself confidently and professionally:

1. You are engaging one-to-one with the viewer

This is the key difference between presenting to a camera ...

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How to ensure your video gets seen

10 tips for web video distribution

Web distribution

Not sure where or how to market your web video? Marketing a video is important to get right because getting it wrong can either mean that no one sees it and you have therefore wasted your time and money producing it; or lots of people are watching it but they are the wrong audience. So how do you make sure you get the marketing right?

1. ...

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Cancer…Take One are coming to get you – again!

Cancer Research Race for LifeLast year the girls from Take One Productions raised an impressive £555 doing the Horsham Race For Life. This year they’re back and hoping to raise even more for Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work and we would really appreciate your support.

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to saving lives through research. Their vital work is funded entirely by the public so whatever you ...

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