The Client

The BarbeSkew is an innovative product, developed by a company of the same name, which is designed to improve every part of the traditional barbecue experience. The product is unlike any regular barbecue in that anything you put on the barbecue can be rotated automatically; not only does this mean that the food is cooked evenly every time, but it also allows you to sit back and leave the barbecue to do all the work!

The Problem

BarbeSkew regularly attend events where they can publicly showcase their product through professional presentations. While these are of real worth and value, they naturally only reach a very limited number of people; moreover, time and money constraints mean that only so many presentations can ever be made.

The Solution

BarbeSkew commissioned Take One Productions to produce a web video that would promote their product. The high-definition film features sharp and colourful images of both the original BarbeSkew and the smaller BarbeSkew II, while founder of the BarbeSkew, Ed Wray, describes the features of each model and what makes them superior to regular barbecues.

The Result

BarbeSkew now have their promotional video on their website available to watch 24/7 where potential customers can learn about the benefits of this unique barbecue system.

Barbeskew Feedback:

‘Wow!  Absolutely totally awesome! We are spellbound at how good the video is. This is exactly what our website needs. Your camera work and the final edited version are stunning. Everything you have done, including the music and background sound, lead it to more than exceeding our expectations.’