If you need a duplication and replication service, whether you need a single copy, or a million, we provide a cost-effective, high quality service.

Take One Productions offer CD, DVD and USB duplication/replication as well as disc and packaging design and printing. As with most things, the more you buy, the cheaper they get!

Environmentally friendly DVDs – the EcoDisc

We are committed to protecting the environment. That is why we encourage our clients to consider the EcoDisc DVD when commissioning large DVD replication runs. The EcoDisc is the perfect choice for minimizing your carbon footprint and helping you achieve your environmental goals.

Developed in 2006, the EcoDisc has all the advantages of a standard DVD and is identical in terms of:

  • Disc capacity
  • Playback compatibility
  • Optical and electrical properties
  • Resilience
  • Picture and sound quality
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Just like a normal DVD, the EcoDisc has, however, the following environmental advantages:

  • 50% less polycarbonate – an oil derivative used as the main material to form standard DVD discs
  • 50% less energy is used in disc production owing to half the amount of raw materials
  • 52% less CO2 emissions
  • 100% recyclable owing to the absence of any toxic bonder
  • More flexible, thinner and lighter reducing transport/postage costs


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