Choosing the most effective online video hosting service for distribution of your web videos can be bewildering. Should you upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter, or to an alternative platform? How do you actually do so? Do you have to open an account with each of them? Where on earth do you start? Will it work on smart phones and tablets?

Online Distribution Methods

Take One Productions are able to help and offer advice on the most effective and suitable online distribution methods for your particular project. We can create the appropriate video file for you to upload to your online accounts and, if needs be, talk you through the upload process itself.

We can also liaise directly with your web team if you simply want the code from us that will allow them to embed directly into your site, ready for sharing with the public.

Uploading your video for you

If you don’t have a web team or don’t want to upload yourself, we are happy to take the hassle out of uploading your file and will distribute it directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and any other online video website on your behalf.

Online/web video hosting & distribution services including alternatives to YouTube and Vimeo platforms - Take One Productions

Video Online Hosting Service

For more complex projects that demand a higher level of security and user interactivity – perhaps one of our online events or interactive ebrochures – we offer a more robust, dedicated hosting service. All interactive video content is hosted on a global network of password-protected, load-balanced servers, ensuring there is never any loss of service. Our flexible hosting service is available 24/7 to a worldwide audience and is totally secure.


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