Video brochures are a novel, exciting new product that combine a traditional printed hard-copy brochure with a video player.

On opening the brochure your company, products or services will be promoted in a high impact video, displayed on a built in LCD screen – guaranteed to hold the attention of your audience and distinguishing your brand from your competitors. The video brochure can be programmed to run any AV material customised and produced to your needs. Each video brochure has a variety of standard features, such as, auto start, built in speakers and a USB port for the transferral of data and charging.

At Take One Productions, our experienced creative team will work with you to produce the video content and design the brochure.  This is the perfect marketing tool for product launches, PR events, corporate presentations, or simply, as luxury invitations.

You can see a video brochure in action in the video window above.

To see an engaging and interactive solution for distributing your message online, take a look at an example of an ebrochure here.


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