Construction timelapse
Warehouse timelapse
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Stunning timelapse photography

Time-lapse photography is a visually interesting technique that involves recording a scene or objects that often take place over a long period of time – for example a building under construction. Hours and hour’s worth of photos are taken and compressed into a video which results in just a few minutes playtime – giving the illusion of the subject being sped up. At Take One, we use HDR (High Dynamic Range) time lapse cameras with high performance image sensors, able to take fantastic high definition video in almost any light level, high or low. Our knowledge and experience have enabled us to successfully record a wide variety of projects in varied and often extreme environments. Recent projects have ranged from filming large conference halls filling with delegates over 5 to 10 minutes to an empty warehouse being fitted out with a new mezzanine floor over several days. We have also filmed the construction of a large sea flood defence project using two cameras over several months.


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