Take One Productions’ web services offer a myriad of online solutions that can be viewed 24/7 by a global audience:

Our team is made up of video production specialists, with over 90 years combined experience in producing programmes and videos, as well as online web producers, who can design and seamlessly incorporate any video into your website.

Web streaming undoubtedly brings benefits to any organization, enabling video, audio and graphics to be delivered over the Internet or a corporate intranet in an engaging manner at the click of a mouse button.

High Definition

The advent of high definition and significant advances in web streaming technology has enabled high quality programmes to be streamed quickly and effectively whilst maintaining excellent picture quality.


Web Streaming

There are a variety of uses for web streaming video but they usually fall into the following categories:

  • E-Commerce: product showcase, online advertisements, acting/modelling/dating agencies, show reels, customer services
  • E-Learning: product training, employee training, technical skills training, compliance presentations, HR policy, certification courses, continuing education, lectures
  • Entertainment: concerts, pay-per-view, radio stations, music videos, movie trailers


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