Online video events & virtual presentations

Online events are essentially virtual events or presentations that replicate real presentations which might be held at a conference or seminar. They can open up your corporate events to a worldwide audience, or can be in the form of recordings used for future training purposes.  They are otherwise known as ‘media on demand’ presentations because this service offers multi-media available, on demand, 24/7.

They feature high quality video of the presenter, synchronized PowerPoint presentations and many other high levels of interactivity, including:

  • Stop, start and pause buttons for the video
  • Synchronised PowerPoint slides that can be viewed at full screen
  • A drop-down chapter list allowing users to skip to a specific point in a presentation, to specific slides or to different presentations
  • Embedded email and web links
  • Four viewing options including: small video with large slides, large video with small slides, video only and slide only
  • ‘Highlighter’ and ‘pen’ tools for making notes or highlighting specific elements directly on slides
  • Search function allowing users to search slides and transcripts for specific words or phrases
  • Download options for any accompanying material such as PDF documents, transcripts or audio files
  • Speaker biography
  • Full screen viewing option

Watch a video demonstration of our online event service here.

View and interact with the actual online event demo here.

View and interact with an on-line event that we produced for a client here.

We film scripted presentations with the aid of an autocue or live presentations at events or conferences where the presenter is interacting with the audience. We can also incorporate animation into the presentation.

Take One is a production company based in the South East. We design each presentation to complement the corporate style and branding of your company, incorporating logos, colour schemes and fonts – always adhering to your brand guidelines.

Presentations can be made available through live video streaming, on-line via webcasting, on your intranet or downloaded and distributed electronically, via USB stick, SD card etc.


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