Take One Productions’ multi-camera webcasts service enables you to revolutionize your seminars, conferences, exhibitions and training with maximum style and impact by combining audio, video, still images, titles, graphics and PowerPoint into one compelling live presentation.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can film your presentation, instantly blending multi-camera live video, pre-recorded video clips, graphics, PowerPoint and live web pages for display to your projector.

At the same time, we can output the live presentation to two additional projectors, TV monitors or plasma screens in adjoining rooms. The presentation can be simultaneously recorded onto video or DVD and streamed live across your network or the Internet to a worldwide audience.

Three-Way Output: Projector, Internet, Video


Send your presentation to a projector or plasma screen with uncompromised quality. Computer graphics are seen in their full resolution while video is smoothly scaled up to meet the projector resolution. The result is a seamless display without the need for any additional expensive hardware.

Web Services | Multi-Camera Webcasts


The Internet lets you distribute your message immediately and efficiently. Save time and money by ensuring that your audience receives your presentation the way you intended by streaming it live to anyone in the world with Internet access, saving on travel costs and valuable time.


We can send the presentation live throughout your office or venue, taking advantage of any existing video distribution network, or send the video signal directly to TVs in additional conference rooms, lobbies or classrooms. Your presentation can also be recorded on video or DVD.


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