Nick Webber

Managing Director

Nick Webber is the founder of Take One Productions. His career is steeped in the video production and multimedia industry.

Nick spent 11 years in the Government Information Service producing, managing and editing over 200 programmes. Prior to this, he worked in a leading advertising agency in London as a producer.

Founding Take One Productions in 1996 seemed the next logical step: ‘I had trained and worked for many years in the video industry – I enjoyed it and could see the potential back then to develop bigger and better things. I still love every project we’re involved in – it’s a great industry.’

Nick’s Role at Take One Productions

Nick is not one of those managing directors who likes to climb to the top and stay there looking down on what is happening. He oversees all the production work at Take One and assumes a project manager role on larger complex projects. This takes him out on location, behind the cameras and directing: ‘I still get involved at every stage of a programme’s development.’

Nick Webber

Contact Nick Webber

London Office: 0207 112 8565
Horsham Office:
01403 256 255

  • ‘We have worked hard to develop a top-notch team. Very often in our industry people specialize in one area – say scriptwriting, production or camera – and they stay there.‘The team at Take One is multi-talented – not only does this instil confidence in our clients, it makes us competitive on price. By investing in training for our team we keep Take One up to speed with the latest technology and we keep our staff fresh. Customer service is really important to every one of us. Our track record in the government and commercial sectors has earned us a very high reputation and our ability to match objectives to delivery has won us repeat work from many satisfied clients.’– Nick on Take One Productions