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Most video production companies can stake their claim that their production crews are widely-travelled. They can present how they are well versed in the logistical issues and challenges often associated with working and travelling with filming equipment overseas. Yet there is indeed some truth in the observation that many programme-makers ‘go everywhere, and see nothing’!  Take One Productions however, has never even approached such a philosophy.

For the record, Take One Productions has indeed circled the globe many, many times, and has to-date filmed in over 40 countries worldwide; including 9 countries within Africa; India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan in Asia; in Russia, Poland, and Lithuania; mainland China, Peru and the USA. We’ve also of course worked throughout the UK and Europe.  We have inevitably gained much experience along the miles we have travelled.

Our Work in Developing Nations

That is why Take One Productions was selected by the Department for International Development (DFID) to film in many developing countries around the world.  And we were chosen not just because of our record in fulfilling the brief in terms of time and cost, but for our sensitivity of approach in situations where the presence of a film crew could easily become intrusive at least, and even damaging.

The poverty expressed in some of the images is unforgettable, as were the scenes shot in TB clinics, hospitals and displaced-persons’ camps.  Our concern was genuine and, we like to think, was reflected in the integrity of the material
we obtained.

Practicalities of Travel

The sheer physical effort involved in entering and leaving some of these countries, with equipment and personnel, would be defeating were it not for our ability and awareness to expect the unexpected.

Take One Productions Overseas Experience and Expertise

Excerpts from some of our programmes can be viewed in the window above or visit our client case studies to learn more.

Below are some of the prestigious organisations for whom we have produced overseas videos:


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