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Market research has proved that the instant, attention-grabbing effects of web videos can not only dramatically increase your website’s search engine ranking but also ensure that 80% of your message is retained by your audience, compared to 30% from static information. A video on your website can help to:

  • Quickly engage website visitors in a direct, eye-catching and dynamic way
  • Deliver your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Demonstrate the functionality of your product or service
  • Help generate enquiries that are easier to convert into real customers

Producing short videos to place on your website might seem easy and tempting to try yourself; however, if they are unengaging and not produced to a professional standard, their inclusion can be detrimental and do more harm than good to the company image that you are trying to enhance.

At Take One Productions we offer a number of video packages giving fantastic value for money, allowing small- and medium-sized businesses an opportunity to incorporate a video onto their website, something that might ordinarily be beyond their financial reach.

Web Video Media Training Course

We will help you decide how long your video should be, whether it would be better to use a presenter and, if so, who that presenter should be. If you would prefer to present your own web video, we also offer a Media Training Course where you can learn to present like a true professional.

Take One Productions’ Web Video Experience and Expertise

Our team of experienced professionals can guide you around the pitfalls of producing an effective web video to suit your budget.

To see an example of a self-presented web video, a professionally presented web video and a web video using a green screen, please view the examples at the top of this page. Or take a look at the videos or case study below:




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